Ecovision Law: Ottawa’s First Green Law Firm

May 19, 2001

OTTAWA —Ecovision Law, Ottawa’s first green private law firm, was publicly launched today by environmental lawyers Stephen Hazell and Beth Hardy.

“The greening of Canadian business and not-for-profit sectors is accelerating” says Stephen Hazell, Ecovision Law’s senior counsel.  “We are convinced that many green businesses want lawyers who provide excellent legal services but also share their commitment to sustainability. This is what Ecovision Law plans to do.” An Ontario lawyer for 28 years, Hazell was led three national environmental groups, including Sierra Club Canada, as well as directing a federal environmental regulatory program.

Canada’s law firms appear to lag behind other business sectors in embracing sustainability principles” said Hazell. “Ecovision Law’s business model is that the practice of law can be profitable as well as promote the transition to an ecologically sustainable society and economy. However, we will not represent companies involved in inherently unsustainable operations such as tar sands or nuclear energy development, nor indeed any companies that cannot commit to greening their operations.”

“Ecovision Law is a firm for the 21st century” says Beth Hardy, counsel with Ecovision Law. “We plan to operate as a network of lawyers working “virtually” out of home-based offices, with all of the environmental benefits that such a network provides. “Not having to lease expensive downtown offices with mahogany wainscotting and Group of Seven paintings also means that the fees charged by Ecovision lawyers will be very competitive”.

Beth Hardy was called to the bar in Saskatchewan in 2010 and is currently completing her Masters in Global Sustainability and Environmental Law at University of Ottawa.

Initially, Ecovision Law’s areas of practice will include: environmental assessment law; climate change law; sustainability law; governance and corporate law for non-profit organizations and charities; and government relations law.


Stephen Hazell, Senior Counsel
613 724-1908 (cell)

Beth Hardy, Counsel
613 979-4649